Hugh Laurie Quotes

Hugh Laurie (Laurie Jacobs Shore)

Hugh Laurie (Laurie Jacobs Shore)

Hugh Laurie — Born in Oxfordshire, England as James Hugh Calum Laurie, Hugh Laurie would soon become a popular actor and comedian, among other artistic talents. He started off his comedic career as one half of the Fry and Laurie act, but would be most recognized in the 21st century as Dr. Gregory House from the American TV show “House”.

He is a humorous man who speaks his mind with plenty of wit behind the majority of his quotes.

“I feel like I’m working on an oil rig right now. I’m away from home a lot.”

“I never was someone who was at ease with happiness.”

“How did I do that? It’s a long story. You know, kids, boys, explosive things. It will happen.”

“I don’t have a single complete show or movie or anything else that I could look at and say, ‘Nailed that one.’ But endless dissatisfaction is, I supposed, what gets us out of bed in the morning.”

“Girls are complicated. The instruction manual that comes with girls is 800 pages, with chapters 14, 19, 26 and 32 missing, and it’s badly translated, hard to figure out.”

“Believe it or not, perhaps I don’t show it much, or well, but I think I like people.”

“Humility was a cult in my family. I only got it out of my father by accident when he was very old that he had won an Olympic gold medal.”

“I am terribly conscious of the fact that the world doesn’t need any more actors. There are so many brilliant actors around that one more twit like me joining the back of the queue seems completely unnecessary.”

“I don’t talk like House, or walk like him. I certainly don’t think like him. I don’t like to think for more than 15 minutes at a stretch actually; I am a fragile flower.”

“Something in me says you shouldn’t have toys.”

“I hate menus, I hate choosing food. I just want to be brought. Bring me dinner!”

“Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive. Being House is like flying, too. He’s free of the gravity of what people think.”

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