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Piers Morgan (Pete Riches)

Piers Morgan (Pete Riches)

Piers Morgan — Born in Guildford, Surrey, England, Piers Morgan is a popular British journalist and television host. He is most recognizable for his time as a judge on “America’s Got Talent”, and for his often biting comments offered to contestants and fellow judges alike.

Piers Morgan has most recently been in news due to an attempt to deport him for his stand on gun violence in America. Having a rather sarcastic and indifferent attitude towards critics of his opinion and work, Piers Morgan has plenty of entertaining quotes to offer.

“I don’t think it’s very easy to arrange car crashes.”

“I never realized how endlessly entertaining Twitter would turn out to be. Oh, the joy when I realized you could tweet Manchester United stars personally, ridiculing them for everything from their dodgy haircuts to offensive swimwear. And even more delicious when they began firing back like enraged Rambos on acid.”

“There is a certain advantage to the British accent. I do notice that Americans love it; they think that we Brits are smarter than perhaps we are. So I’m relying on that, definitely.”

“Most of the men that sue in Hollywood are all about 5’2’’. They wake up every day, know they’re tiny and feel very angry about it, so they go out and sue people.”

“I am absolutely desperate to win, purely to see Jeremy Clarkson’s face as I do a little celebratory conga on stage.”

“I miss the adrenalin of working in a newsroom when there’s a massive breaking news story such as the Arizona shootings. Now I have this show I will still be involved with news stories like that. I’ve come full circle.”

“Why do we want someone like Ruth Kelly controlling our children? She’s the scariest woman I’ve ever seen in politics.”

“There are dark forces out there, Paul, be careful. Watch your back.”

“Let me know your views; good, bad, and ugly. I’ve had it all.”

“If I do get deported from America for wanting fewer gun murders, are there any other countries that will have me?”

“Journalism is no longer just about the print medium and in 25 years’ time newspapers will have died out. You’re left with a new form of journalism which will be conducted through the prism of iPads and everything else. It will always be about content – journalists will always have work, just in a different format.”

“When your child goes to school, you’ve got no idea what they’re supposed to be learning and how they are being taught.”

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