Nicole Kidman Quotes

Nicole Kidman (Eva Rinaldi)

Nicole Kidman (Eva Rinaldi)

Nicole Kidman — Australian actress, singer and film producer Nicole Kidman, has won several awards for her work over the years. She is most famous for her acting and has been in successful films such as Moulin Rouge!, The Hours and Batman Forever.

She keeps her personal life generally to herself, though she has made appearances in tabloids and entertainment news for her marriage and divorce to actor Tom Cruise and her current marriage to country singer Keith Urban. Nicole Kidman has a number of entertaining quotes to offer.

“I love working with people who are inspired and obsessive.”

“To be an actor you have to have a certain amount of madness in you. That’s why, when people meet you and you seem very together, they are quite surprised — they don’t see you behind closed doors.”

“You’re not anyone in America unless you’re on TV.”

“Vengeance is a lazy form of grief.”

“I’m a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister. I’m a real person operating in the world. For me to discuss the most private thing feels wrong. It feels like I’m betraying myself and my children.”

“I get engaged and I get married — that’s my thing.”

“When you relinquish the desire to control your future, you can have more happiness.”

“Regrets are ridiculous, so I don’t regret, no.”

“What’s the point of doing something good if nobody’s watching?”

“The thing you hate about yourself tends to be the thing that everyone likes about you.”

“I believe that as much as you take, you have to give back. It’s important not to focus on yourself too much.”

“I kept looking for happiness, and then I realized: This is it. It’s a moment, and it comes, and it goes, and it’ll come back again. I yearn for things, but at the same time I’m just peaceful.”

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