Chris Brown Quotes

Chris Brown (Eva Rinaldi)

Chris Brown (Eva Rinaldi)

Chris Brown has also made appearance in a small number of films and shows. Current rumors surround him and his previous girlfriend Rihanna, whom he was charged for assaulting in 2009. This singer and performer has some quotes to share.

“Take me as I am, not for who I was.”

“I think I can beat Usher on the dance floor.”
“It used to be you that I like, but now I’m going to do what I like.”

“I keep my head high and my middle finger higher!”

“You can’t be old and wise if you were never young and crazy.”

“Follow your dreams. Just make sure to have fun too.”

“I ain’t afraid to drown if that means I’m deep up in your ocean.”

“My music is inspired by every time a woman feels sexy! I want my music to surround her beauty.”

“Haters keep on hating, ‘cause somebody’s gotta do it.”

“Don’t need no battery, ‘cause I’m in charge.”

“My mother taught me to treat a lady respectfully.”

“’Cause if I got you, I don’t need money, I don’t need cars, girl you’re my heart.”

“Reality is altered by wanting to be accepted! Originality shapes your destiny!”

“Before we start talking crazy, saying some things we’ll regret, can we just slow it down and press reset?”

“My first album was me finding myself and my voice, finding how I sing. I was rolling with the punches because everything was new to me.”

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